We have a long experience in designing and producing household items for everyday use. Our collections are designed to be easy to use, durable and trendy. The inspirations to the designs derive from the Finnish nature and the endless desire to meet the demands of everyday life. We want to provide usable and durable items with a dash of joy and playfulness.


Thanks to the dual burning technology and its own production tools, Muurla enamel is durable, versatile and hygienic.The enamel coating is glass and therefore does not penetrate any metal components into the food, so preserving the food in the enamel is safe.Enamels also work on all types of cookers - from induction to fire. Muurla's enamel products are handmade and because of the nature of handicrafts, the appearance of products may vary slightly. Each product is unique to its individual. The enamel is a durable material, but the surface may be broken if it is subjected to a severe blow. You can wash the enamel safely in the dishwasher. Not a microwave oven.


Muurla's plywood factory is located in Eastern Finland. All veneer is worked into plywood from Finnish wood at the factory. Handicrafts meet modern technology in the production process and result in a high-quality and unique outcome.

How we do it

The first Muurla glassworks was established
in 1974.

How we do it