MUURLA est. 1974

Muurla's roots lie in Finnish glass manufacturing and design, which still form the basis of everything we do. We strive to create beautiful and functional items that bring joy to people’s lives. Our products are born by combining Finnish design, high-quality materials and over forty decades of experience in production. The products are designed especially for the important moments of everyday life, as well as special occasions. We have a long experience in designing and producing household items for everyday use. Our collections are designed to be easy to use, durable and timeless.

The inspirations to the designs derive from the Finnish nature and the endless desire to meet the demands of everyday life. We want to provide usable and durable items with a dash of joy and playfulness.

In the recent years we have expanded our production from glass to enamel and Finnish plywood. The collections have also been accompanied by candles, paper napkins and home textiles. The most recognized Scandinavian design traits, timelessness and simplicity, together with inspiration drawn from the pure Nordic nature, act as guiding principles in our design process. We strive to keep the production of all our products as close to Finland as possible. This is to ensure that all production phases meet our quality standards.


How we do it

The first Muurla glassworks was established
in 1974.

How we do it