Noora Eerikäinen started working for Muurla in 2012. Her first design at Muurla was the Reindeer, which has grown to a wide product range.  Noora drives her inspiration from other people. She finds people's life stories fascinating, and enjoys observing behaviour and the impact of different cultures.  

Noora’s most well-known designs are the Reindeer,  Leaves and the Swan.


Kata Nowak-Kiminki was born in Poland and came to Finland first as an exchange student, but moved back permanently when she graduated from university in Poland. Kata drives her inspiration from the pure nature and wildlife of the North. Opposed to her job in graphic design, she also enjoys painting.

Kata’s most well-known designs are the Nordic series, which carries illustrations of different habitants of the Nordic wildlife, as well as the Helsinki mugs. 


Vappu Pimiä is a beloved Finnish television and radio hostess and among the most popular and successful media persons of the 2000’s in Finland.

One of her greatest passions - alongside the media work - is food and cooking. Her love and enthusiasm for cooking has become her second job and she has hosted her own cooking TV show. She has also published two bestseller cooking books, third book is coming soon.

Now Vappu has taken the next step in the world of kitchen and cooking with launching a whole series of table settings and cooking items with Muurla in 2017.

"I have always admired Muurla’s products and I wanted to create a collection, which strongly reflects my own personality. You can mix and match the colors of the series as you wish. I got inspiration for the decoration of this series from the beautiful art nouveau buildings in Helsinki which I always admire while taking my daily jog."


Ristomatti Ratia is one of the most well-known designers in Finland.

Co-operation with Ratia and Muurla started in the mid-90's. 


Teuvo Loman is a Finnish fashion and interior designer. He is characterized by adaptive ability in design - he is known for his bold ideas, but also a clear and clean line implementation. Co-operation between Muurla and Teuvo Loman started in 2014.


Sensual expressiveness is characteristic for Tommy Tabermann’s  (1947 – 2010) love themed poems, which has become the guideline for his product designs too. The beloved Finnish poet's themes become a part of our everyday lives - moments and special occasions - in Muurla's items.

How we do it

The first Muurla glassworks was established
in 1974.

How we do it