Vappu Pimiä is a beloved Finnish television and radio hostess and among the most popular and successful media persons of the 2000’s in Finland.

One of her greatest passions  - alongside the media work - is food and cooking. Her love and enthusiasm for cooking has become her second job and she has hosted her own cooking TV show and published three bestseller cooking books.

Now Vappu has taken the next step in the world of kitchen and cooking with launching a whole series of table settings and cooking items with Muurla. This is how she describes it with her own words:

I have always admired Muurla’s products and I wanted to create a collection with them, which strongly reflects my own personality. You can mix and match the colors of the series as you wish. I got inspiration for the decoration of this series from the beautiful art nouveau buildings in Helsinki which I always admire while taking my daily jog.

I really think enamel is a great material! It can last for several generations. The best thing is, that Muurla has brought this traditional material up to the level of the requirements of the modern time with high quality and double enameling. You can use these items on all stove types and on open fire and grill. Items are dishwasher safe and also very hygienic, as no particles dissolve from the enamel into the food. Enamel items are easy to wash and keep clean.

My personal tips

I love the enamel oven forms of this series! Grill or cook in the oven your side vegetables in these convenient sized forms. You can also use them for casseroles.

The sauce pan is one of my personal favorites! Every Saturday morning at our country cottage, I boil eggs in this pan. I also use it for making hot drinks, heating up left over food and creating sauces. This is a must-have item of my kitchen!

Enamel casseroles are great for example for cooking potatoes, making porridge and soups on all kind of stoves or even on open fire or grill. Enamel pots are also safe and hygienic to use for storing food.

Items of the Vappu kitchen series are made for cooking, serving, setting and decoration. I wish you wonderful moments of cooking and enjoying food!

With love,
Vappu Pimiä